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Rhinoplasty Brisbane Funnies: The Worst Rhinoplasty Jobs Ever

A nose job can do wonders, both cosmetically and medically. A well-done rhinoplasty Brisbane procedure can make you breathe better or make you look prettier. But for every successful nose job, it would seem that there’s another that should serve as a warning.

These celebrities for example, decided that they could get better noses with their money compared to what they were born with. The results were nothing short of disastrous.

  1. Jennifer Gray

Gray shot to fame for her roles in the films Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. One of her more adorable features was her distinctive nose. It set her apart from her contemporaries. So imagine the world’s shock when she decided to get rhinoplasty done. Her new nose isn’t really bad looking. It’s only that losing her original one pretty much ruined her career.

  1. Linda Evans

Linda Evans was Krystle Carrington in Dynasty. She has idiopathic edema that causes swelling, but no one must have told her that plastic surgery may not be strictly necessary. Her nose job is just the first of many other plastic surgeries that didn’t do her condition and career any good.

  1. Priscilla Presley

The lovely Priscilla met the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, at a very young age of 14. She later married him. She had her youthful, natural nose replaced with a straighter one. Later on, it appeared that she also had a bump inserted for whatever reason. It wasn’t a pretty attempt by any means.

  1. Lisa Rinna

Who can forget Lisa Rinna from Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place? Rinna’s nose job really isn’t bad. Her original one just looked better. Now add the other surgeries she had – eye lifts, tummy tucks, and collagen injection to keep her lips pouty, and you have a hot mess.

  1. Janice Dickenson

See, the thing with models is they pretty much get used to their looks. They’ve made their fortune on it after all. So it’s not really surprising how they’d go to great lengths to keep it maintained, defying age and natural laws. Janice Dickenson is one prime example. The beautiful Ms. Dickenson, unfortunately, found her nemesis in the form of a surgical knife. After rhinoplasty, her nose just looked more bulbous. She had other procedures done, maybe to help balance the effect of the nose job? Only it only made her eyes appear more hooded and her mouth looking stretched.

  1. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is the Queen of Gossip. The former stand-up comedian and red carpet maven loves plastic surgery and never denied it. Her altered nose, however, was so different from her original one that her whole face needed some reconstruction to make it work. Now, she just looks weird.


  1. Lil Kim

If you put Lil Kim’s before and after surgery photos, you might not even believe that you’re looking at the same person. The rapper’s old nose actually looked good on her face and fit her over-all look quite well. And then she had it in her mind to get a nose job. The first attempt ended up looking awful so she had to have another to straighten it out. Add some cheek implants with it and voila! You have an entirely new person. And that’s not really a compliment.

  1. Donatella Versace

The fashion maven had a stately and handsome nose to begin with. Rhinoplasty didn’t do her any favors. The altered sniffer had scar tissue on the bridge, a sure sign that the surgeon may have removed bits that shouldn’t have been taken out.

  1. Carrot Top

Is a silly-shaped nose good for a comedian? Because Carrot Top’s new nose definitely is.

  1. La Toya Jackson

Let’s just blame this on Michael, shall we?

La Toya took her perfectly nice nose under the knife and ended up looking cartoonish. Well, no one can deny that the Jacksons had it rough, eh?

Rhinoplasty can greatly alter the appearance of your face. So before getting one, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

5 of the Most Costly Urology Diseases

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from a variety of urological diseases, and it costs a lot of money, has the need for a lot urologists. In the year 2000 alone, US medical care costs for such diseases almost hit $11 billion according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The report was provided by a team of researchers that included professor of urology and health services Mark Litwin, MD, MPH from the David Geffen School of Medicine and School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. The data was gathered off a five-year study of costs of outpatient visits, emergency room visits and hospitalizations for urologic diseases.

Though keep in mind that is is not only in the US, even in Australia, there’s a big problem with urological diseases. Take Brisbane for example, if you have any problems, do a quick search for urologist brisbane and I’m sure you’ll find a good one.

What are the top 5 most costly urologic diseases according to the study?

Urinary Tract Infections – almost $3.5 billion

Urinary Tract Infections, or UTI, happens when bacteria gets into the urinary system causing an infection. Most cases of UTI are bladder infections and are not serious as long as they’re immediately treated. A kidney infection is another kind, but this one is serious and may cause permanent damage.

Generally, women are more prone to bladder infections than men. The likely reason is women have shorter urethras, making it easier for germs to move up their bladders.

Kidney Stones – more than $2 billion

Kidney stones are small stones made up of calcium crystals. They form in the part of the kidney where urine collects. Stones won’t really cause a problem until they fall into the ureter. That’s the tube that drains the kidney into the bladder. When that happens, you get an obstruction and urine is prevented from draining out. This usually causes severe pain.

Bladder Cancer – more than $1.7 billion

Bladder cancer can refer to any of the several cancer types that arise from the epithelial lining of the urinary bladder. The bladder is rarely involved in non-epithelial cancers like lymphoma and sarcoma. Bladder cancer is a disease where abnormal cells multiple without control in the bladder.

The most common bladder cancer type is transitional cell carcinoma, also called urothelial cell carcinoma. In the US, survival rate from this type of cancer is around 77%. Worldwide, there have been over 383,000 cases.

Prostate Cancer – almost $1.3 billion

Prostate cancer develops in the prostate. The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. Some cancers of this type are slow-growing, while some are very aggressive. The cancer cells may spread from the prostate to other body parts. The bones and lymph nodes are especially susceptible.

This is a tricky cancer to diagnose because no symptoms manifest initially. However, in the later stages, it can be quote painful. Sufferers may have difficulty urinating, have problems with sexual intercourse and even die.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH, or enlarged prostate) – $1.1 billion

BPH refers to an enlarged prostate gland. It is not malignant but can impede the flow of urine. Symptoms include frequent urge to urinate, frequent getting up at night to urinate, difficulty urinating and dribbling of urine. BPH can be treated, however, treatment is reserved for those with significant symptoms.

It must also be noted that urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction cost Americans $462 million and $327 million, respectively.

NIH Director Elias Zerhouni, MD, in a news release said, “This research sharply illustrates the immense burden of urologic diseases and the importance of studies to preempt disease processes and develop targeted treatments.”

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Should You Look for Laptop Screen Repairs in Brisbane?

When it comes to looking for a specialist to do laptop screen repairs around Brisbane, you can’t just trust anybody to do it. C’mon dude. It’s your laptop we’re talking about here. It’s the one that holds all your precious photos, videos, bookmarks, passwords, and secrets (yes, even the history on your browser can now be considered a secret).

No matter how expensive it gets, as long as it gets done, and it starts working again flawlessly, you should be all set. Of course it wouldn’t hurt if you get it fixed for a much cheaper rat. And if you’re looking for someone who’ll get your LCD screen fixed for you, you should seriously look for one in Brisbane.

Not only are there a lot of professional IT repair guys in this area, they are also known to give some of the lowest rates in the country. You won’t be disappointed in dealing with them at all.

screen repairs in Brisbane

How long do Laptop Screen Repairs usually take?

That usually depends on the brand of laptop you have, and if they already have the LCD panel that’s compatible with the model of your notebook in stock. Some repair centers have an option for express service, but that could cost more. It all depends on how much you’re willing to shell out and how soon you would like to get it back.

But in general, laptop screen repairs usually last 2 to 3 days before they return it to you all fixed. Some of them also offer warranties with the repair, which usually last 3 to 6 months depending on their guidelines and procedures.

Is it the best option for you?

Having your laptop screen repaired in Brisbane is the best option if you want it done right. And if you know you can’t afford to lose what’s stored in it, and you know that every thing else is working properly except the screen, why not just get it fixed right?

What’s the sense of buying a brand new laptop? …Unless you really want to just replace the old one with a new one.


But the trouble with getting a new notebook is the thought of starting from scratch all over again, which could be the annoying part in unexpectedly getting a new electronic gadget. You’re going to have to install all the old programs you got so used to using, recall the passwords you might have already forgotten on your other accounts (tough luck with that), and a dozen other things you took for granted with your old one, but unawaredly got so used to having at your disposal.

Without a doubt, just getting a new LCD screen is the far better choice. And the only way to do it is by looking for a repair center located in Brisbane. You’ll know for sure you’re making the best decision for your laptop.

Buying a pool: 3 questions to ask yourself

What Shape Would You Like Your Pool to be In?

After making sure that you indeed can afford a concrete pool, you may proceed to fleshing out its shape in your mind. Rectangular and kidney-shaped are the most common swimming pool shapes, but there are swimming pool builders who can build yours in any shape you want. But don’t go too crazy with the shape, because it might not fit in the space you have, so measure the available space and then work within it.

Who’s Going to Obtain the Building Permit?

Needless to say, you must obtain a permit from the proper authorities to construct your pool before doing so. Brisbane based pool builders normally handle this for their clients. But finalize the design first, because any changes made after the permit has been obtained will cost you time as well as even more money.

Would You Need to Register Your Pool?

Once you have your permit, check with the local council or the state building authority about whether you need to register your new pool. Why? In response to a recent rise in incidences of drowning, the New South Wales Government set up a NSW Swimming Pool Register in order to ensure that every old and new pool complies with Australian Standards and legislation.

After learning these things that you ought to know before buying a concrete pool in Brisbane, I hope you buy the best one for you. For more info, go to

SEO questions to ask yourself

“I’ve already outsourced my SEO to a service provider. I’ve paid my monthly fees and created a budget from what I’ve carefully planned few years ago.”

Where’s my profit? How long do I have to wait?

How will I know if my SEO campaign doesn’t suck?  

Are those lines sounds too familiar? For many business owners, those lines are simply some of the most common questions they raise whenever they launch any marketing campaign. Nowadays with multiple technical jargon and system update that plagues all web platforms, we cannot blame ourselves but to feel inept in coping up with all terms and minute details of a new technology.

Because most of us simply had no enough time, different field of specialization, or per say line of expertise or preferred focus. As business owners, we’d rather spend time looking after our day to day operations. The last thing we want is to attend to the in and out details of a strange marketing campaign.

A basic argument is that it is the very reason why we employ people to do it. They themselves must deliver result as part of their job responsibility. But such premise would be inefficient in the long-run especially if you are a start-up, in a very tight budget or an existing company and have already signed a deal with an SEO provider.

From forming a team, to allocating budget and in verifying the information about the best strategies to be deployed takes a very long process. And we all know that in our industry, time is money. So to make sure that we know exactly where our resources is going and for it not to be put into waste, here are some benchmark you can use in order to determine the success of your SEO in Brisbane.

Website Rankings

The bottom line of your campaign is to make you seen. And if possible take over the first few companies on top of the rankings and their level of exposure. Take note that every keyword is a different playing field, the key is to be consistent in all keywords related to your site.

Online marketing software and tools can help you track your SEO performance. Some of which would even present diagrams and infographs to project your rankings visually. Google analytics may be one of the most accessible trackers to check the performance of your site. Certain platforms like gives free preview to its subscribers for them to view their own history rankings.

Why Web Design in Brisbane is as Important as in Canberra

Are you looking to build your own website? If yes, then that’s great! There are plenty of web designers available out there, each more experienced than the last. Australia is a haven of talented web designers and developers. Take your pick.

But competition is high when it comes to web design, so we just have to ask, which city offers the best web design and price?

Before we answer that question though, there are a few things you need to know.

Rule of thumb: You get what you pay for

You might have gotten away with a really expensive shirt that had the price slashed off more than 50% 3 years ago, but that doesn’t mean your luck is there waiting to happen again and again. If you want a spectacularly advanced web site, you get a web designer who knows his stuff and who actually has the experience to back it up.

There are plenty of Gold coast web designers who are experts in their game. Their prices vary, but web development companies in Brisbane tend to be more accommodating and attuned to the needs of small business owners, because they simply give you more options in web design. The price though, is pretty much the same.-> interested in a great website.

Tips for the Perfect Newborn Photography in Brisbane

Having a little bundle of joy can turn you upside down and inside out. There’s just no way to describe the feeling of being a new parent. And suddenly, you want the whole world to know about your gorgeous, perfect little baby. And the best way to do that? Capture everything, of course. Photographs are a great way to announce a birth to the world. But if you think posing for pictures is hard, then you obviously haven’t seen newborn photography in Brisbane.

Babies are adorable, sure. But they’re hardly the easiest to work with. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you don’t lose your mind while doing it.

Get a checklist ready.

You’d need several items to ensure the baby is comfortable and the shoot goes without a hitch. These include:


Attention getters (toys, rattles, etc.)

Props (costumes – hats, ties, leg warmers, booties, bows, cover ups, etc)

Pillows (to prop the baby up)

Baby wipes and clothes

Warm room

Camera-read parents (they’re not the stars of the shoot but should they need to hold their child, they’d at least look good already.)

Get session-ready.

Before even starting with the shoot, you should have a clear idea of what the theme will be. This saves precious time, especially with a finicky infant.

Get the best shots.

  • Babies IN and ON things always look cute. So look around for pots or baskets to use as props.
  • Turn off the flash! Find a spot with soft and natural light and work with that.
  • Try black and white. These have the advantage of looking both timeless and classy.
  • Sleeping newborns are easier to pose. So if the little one suddenly falls asleep, use it to your full advantage. Turn the heat up and snap away.
  • Get close-ups! They will never be that small again. So don’t be afraid to get really up close and personal and take shots of those tiny hands and feet, those drooling lips, wrinkly skin and belly button.

What You Need to Know about Floor sanding in Brisbane

There are a lot of advantages to having a wooden floor. For one, it’s a lot easier to clean than, say, a carpet. Germs and dust mites? You can safely say a wooden floor gets less, or none, of that. So if you have an allergy, that’s definitely a win. And of course, wooden floors just look more natural. You can also easily polish them, or employ someone who does floor polishing in Brisbane

Unfortunately, wood does have the tendency to lose a bit of its sheen. And when your hardwood floor has become dull and has gotten one too many scratches, it’s time to get it sanded and back to its beautiful best.


But before you embark on a floor sanding spree, take note:

  1. Tutorials can be found anywhere online.

It’s the age of the internet! If you need anything, you can do a Google search and find whatever you need, most of the time with videos to boot!

But sanding isn’t as easy as the tutorials make it sound. And the info isn’t always the same. For example, some sites would tell you to sink every nail in the floorboards before starting. Some would tell you not to bother.

  1. Doing it yourself can take forever.

One couple thought they could get the job done faster than a professional floor sander. After all, there were two of them. Well, guess what? They were wrong. There was a reason the floor sander guy had “professional” before his title and they didn’t.

  1. Prepping is the worst.

You need to move every piece of furniture away from the area to be sanded. Then you’d have to get sanding paper ready. You need to ensure you have enough bins for when you vacuum. There will be so much to do before you even start!

  1. Actually, the noise is worse than prepping.

Warn the neighbors! You know what, do it when the neighbors are out. You’d probably make fewer enemies that way.

  1. The cost to do it your self is roughly equivalent to what you’ll pay the professionals.

Okay, that’s not true. It’s always going to be a little more expensive when professionals do it. But surely, not having an achy body is worth the few extra dollars? Because floor sanding is hard work. And if you think you’ll finish it yourself without experiencing pain from muscles you didn’t know you had, think again.

The Benefits of Seeking Mediations in Brisbane

Having difficulties with a family member? Maybe great-aunt Lydia is making it hard for you to move in to the property left to you by Uncle Will? Is grandpa making you crazy every time he comes over and steals the silver? He denies it of course.

Think disputes are harder to resolve when family members are involved? You may be right. And you may need some mediation.


Mediation is a type of intervention. Any time a third party steps in to help others reach an agreement, mediation in Brisbane happens.

The third party is usually tasked to assist parties in negotiating a settlement. However, mediation is really more than just negotiation. It includes a structure and the dynamics are different. Most importantly, the entire process remains private and confidential. Used in law, it’s an alternative dispute resolution form. This means it can also possibly be enforceable by law.

Mediators are a very important part of the whole process because they are instrumental in reaching an agreement. Much rely on their skills and abilities to open and improve a dialogue.

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