Having difficulties with a family member? Maybe great-aunt Lydia is making it hard for you to move in to the property left to you by Uncle Will? Is grandpa making you crazy every time he comes over and steals the silver? He denies it of course.

Think disputes are harder to resolve when family members are involved? You may be right. And you may need some mediation.


Mediation is a type of intervention. Any time a third party steps in to help others reach an agreement, mediation in Brisbane happens.

The third party is usually tasked to assist parties in negotiating a settlement. However, mediation is really more than just negotiation. It includes a structure and the dynamics are different. Most importantly, the entire process remains private and confidential. Used in law, it’s an alternative dispute resolution form. This means it can also possibly be enforceable by law.

Mediators are a very important part of the whole process because they are instrumental in reaching an agreement. Much rely on their skills and abilities to open and improve a dialogue.